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What Does Your  “I WANT TO BE” Award Medals Say About You?

Kids, Pick 2 medals (first choice & second choice), but you only get one medal. You don’t know which one you will get. You will have to read it. Click here to view the medals.



  1. I have a T-shirt, a Tom Thumb Mini Olympic cup and a medal for all my Juniors and 1 Senior class that could not have their event at Dynamic Gymnastics. All the children have been practicing since October with Mrs. Ruback and Mrs. Rambala. They DESERVE everything I can give them.
  2. Seniors will not have their Spring Show and Graduation Ceremony this school year. However, they have been practicing their songs, dance, and drumming since November. I will be introducing all of the songs on my website (video and words. 3 new songs sung by Miss Claudia & Miss Maria will be introduced. I will make these songs part of next year’s repertoire. The new songs are:
    • “We Will Never Give Up” music by Beethoven
    • “Keep Your Hands From Your Face”
    • “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” music by the Police

    Parents, please Sing-a-Long when you can.

  3. Pronto Printer is helping me create a special Graduation Certificate for seniors and their medals (I love medals). All students, Tom Thumb and ThumBelina, will receive a T-shirt in 2020. I hope we can create a shirt that can capture these unusual times our children are living through at such a young age. No young preschoolers have ever had this kind of experience. I hope some parents can send me pictures of children wearing masks. Let them wave, jump up & down or whatever they would like to do. I want to have children singing, dancing and drumming. Please practice! Who knows maybe someday children will return to Tom Thumb for one great big sing-a-long in late fall. I CAN DREAM – CAN’T I?
  4. The last item is how to get the Mini Olympic medal, cup, certificates, T-shirts, change of clothes and medical supplies to parents. These items will be packed up and parents can pick them up in a safe manner. So in Tom Thumb’s gym, we will have all items packaged together and ready to go. They will be alphabetized by CHILD’s LAST NAME. The “I Want to Be” Medals will be on a separate table. Parents will come in one door and go out the other. The flow of people will be organized. I will put a notice on our website by May 25th and a schedule of TIMES AND DAYS each class may come to our gym. There will be make-up dates for those who need it.

In the meantime, check out our website. The last day for Home Activities will be Friday, May 8th.

Stay Strong and BELIEVE WE CAN WIN

Mrs. Brophy

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Tom Thumb Song


Tom Thumb and Kis Come Song Lyrics

om Thumb Preschool and Kids Come Song lyrics

Sing along with our Tom Thumb and Kids Come Song – Tom Thumb and Kids Come Song Lyrics, click on this image or here to download a PDF file and print it


Look for our next episode of the Manatee – will be posted tomorrow!

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