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Manatees were Hunted

Manatee Coloring Page 3 – Manatees were Hunted



Native American called Manatees Beavers

Manatee Coloring Page 4 – Native American Called Manatees Beavers



Manatee may 13 ft long

Manatee Coloring Page 5 – Manatee may be over 13 feet long.


Note to Parents

Please explain to children the text the best you can or skip it


Dog conductor

Are You Ready to Drum?

Instructions: Sticks Together, Drum, Drum, Drum and Have FUN!

Cajun Waltz

Blue Danube


Don’t Forget to Practice Kodo Drumming is on Home Activity #12, click here to practice Kodo Drumming.


Look for our next episode of the Manatee – will be posted tomorrow!

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