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Scientists are radio-tracking manatees,

Manatee Coloring Page 22 – Scientists are radio-tracking manatees,


manatees are an endagered species

Manatee Coloring Page 23 – Manatees are an endangered species

manatee swimming


Listen to This Baby Manatee Squeak!

Dog conductor

Are You Ready to Drum?

It’s Time to Drum!

Get Your Drum

Are You Ready?

Sticks Together, Drum, Drum, Drum and Have FUN!


Cajun Waltz

Blue Danube

Japanese Drumming



Tom Thumb Song

om Thumb Preschool and Kids Come Song lyrics

Sing along with our Tom Thumb and Kids Come Song – Tom Thumb and Kids Come Song Lyrics, click on this image or here to download a PDF file and print it


Look for our Manatee #13 – will be available tomorrow!

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