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manatee swimming under water

The Manatee is the gentle giant – Manatee Coloring Book – Click on the picture to download



letter to Parents of introduction & credits

Introduction Letter of the Manatee and credits to Art Maynor, Beyda & Associates and Aerographics and Gary Pane



West Indian Manatee in Florida

West Indian Manatee in Florida



Manatee in Florida

The survival story of the Manatee In Florida

manatees are mammals

Manatee Coloring Page 1 – Manatees are Mammals

Manatee is related to the elephant

Manatee Coloring Page 2 – The Manatee is Related to the Elephant


First-Sighting means the first time you see a MANATEE

lyrics to the first sighting song by gary pane

Lyrics of First Sighting Song by Gary Pane -Click on the picture to download

gary pane the manatee man

Gary Pane – the Manatee Man, singer, author, and songwriter,


Note to Parents

This Manatee Coloring Book (22 pages) is available as a paper booklet at Dynamic Gymnastics Lobby and is open 24 hours by 7 days a week,


Look for our next episode of the Manatee – will be posted tomorrow!

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