Thank You for His First School Experience

Thank You for His First School Experience

Thank you note for his First School Experience

Thank you for his First School Experience

Dear Mrs. Brophy,

We’re so happy we decided to enroll our son at Tom Thumb this year. This was his first school experience & his first time being away from family. He was so nervous! Your teachers were so patient and kind to him and made the transition easier for us. He loves coming to school now and is starting to come out of his shell. My older son comes to the Before Care and loves it here too.

Thank you for creating a caring environment for little ones to grow and learn. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Thank you for all you do!


The M Family


Tom Thumb Preschool iconPlease note, Tom Thumb Preschool is a private school with NYS accredited teachers. We are also licensed by New York State Department of Education and by New York Office of Children and Family Services. Tom Thumb is founded and operated by Nancy Brophy with her vision of early learning as “Play is Child Work.” For 50 years, Tom Thumb has been constantly devoted to improving the academic curriculum and campus environment to encourage learning as a fun experience.┬á Our student graduates are instilled with the concept that education is fun and put on a path of lifetime learning.

Meet Thomas a Tom Thumb Graduate – College Bound

Meet Thomas a Tom Thumb Graduate – College Bound

The Benefit of Tom Thumb’s “Gift of Time” Program

The Gift of Time” Program is for students turning five years old by November 30th and eligible for Kindergarten next September. A child’s readiness for school is highly correlated to his or her emotional and social maturity. This program gives them more time to mature and excel.

“Thank you Nancy, for his preschool foundation. You are always in our thoughts and hearts. We appreciate the “Gift of Time” for Thomas now that he is in his senior year of high school. It was proven to be the right choice. He is getting ready to attend Dartmouth University in August 2019.” paraphrased from information provided by Thomas’ Mother.

Thomas in the Past, Present and Striving for the Future

Thomas tom thumb graduate

Thomas a Tom Thumb Preschool Graduate – Class of 2006

thomas tom thumb graduate today

thomas a tom thumb graduate

Please Join Us in Congratulating Thomas and Wishing him Continued Success in Making his Dreams Real!

Thank You Note by Shea and Adam M

Thank You Note by Shea and Adam M

thank you note to tom thumb preschoolDear Mrs. Brophy and Staff,

Thank you so much for such a wonderful school year. James loves coming to Tom Thumb, and we are so appreciative of your kindness and understanding towards the children.

James has thrived he loves to share what he learns: hoola-hooping, sounding out letters, stories and more!

We feel so lucky to have a place where James can grow and thrive. Thank you for all you do.

Happy Summer, Shea and Adam M.

James:likes when Mrs. Brophy sings to me and I sing to her.

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