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2020 Note from L Family

2020 Note from L Family

Mrs. Brophy,
You and your school have been such an important part of my family’s lives for so many years now, and we appreciate your dedication and hard work. Especially with how last year ended & this year shaped out to be, you continue to show your excellence & diligence. We love Tom Thumb & will always hold it in our hearts.
The L Family
Christmas Card from the L Family

Thank You for Taking Care of Jack

Thank You for Taking Care of Jack

Dear Mrs. Brophy, Mrs. Fitzpatrick and staff,

Thank You so much for that very special graduation yesterday! We really appreciate
all the hard work it took to make these ceremonies happen under these circumstances.
The day was perfect! We really enjoyed it.

I also wanted to thank you for giving Jack such an amazing preschool experience.
He went in a terrible toddler and graduated a much better-behaved child thanks to his
wonderful and caring teachers. Jack really enjoyed his time there and we have enjoyed watching him grow.

Thank you for taking such good care of Jack.

Linda and John

Ryan Hurley’s Video

Ryan Hurley’s Video

Hi Mrs. Brophy,

In between teaching and taking care of these 3 lovely children, Ryan (Mrs. Cancro/Mrs. Cichetti) and I have been making cookies videos! Today he put on him Tom Thumb shirt because “Mrs. Brophy LOVES when we cook.” 😂 He also let his siblings have a cameo.

Thanks for being such a positive influence on my kids! We’re sorry to not see everyone for the rest of the year, but I look forward to having a Senior and Thumbelina student next year!

Christina and Michael Hurley

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