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When Will Tom Thumb Open? – 2020 Fall is Our Target.

When Will Tom Thumb Open? – 2020 Fall is Our Target.

Families are asking us when we will open our facilities.  Let it be known that we desire to be open as soon as our government permits us to do so.

In the meantime, we have been meeting with local professionals who provide care and schooling for children.  We are investigating various cleaning and disinfecting products that are safe for children.  We are currently engaged in creating procedures for our facilities that will provide a safe and healthy place for children to learn and have fun, which they rightfully deserve!

The Tom Thumb Campus is expected to open September 1, 2020, unless directed by our government to delay. You may register now for any of our programs. If we should not open in September, all deposits will be refunded.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

Nancy Brophy

US Congress’ Certificate of Achievement

US Congress’ Certificate of Achievement

Announcing a Certificate of Achievement from Nita M. Lowey

Nita M. Lowey is our Congresswowan serving New York’s 17th District

Nancy Brophy of the Tom Thumb Preschool is recognized for outstanding contributions to our community as an honored member of the Lakeland Education Foundation. Nita M. Lowey presented the Certificate of Achievement. She represents parts of Westchester and Rockland Counties in the US House of Representatives.

Nita Lowey US House of Representatives

Nita M. Lowey

Nita is a strong supporter of education and believes improving education is critical to our economic recovery and our children’s futures. Our economic competitiveness is directly linked to our ability to prepare students for the needs of the global economy.

We are Dedicated to Improving the Next Great Generation of Americans.


Graduation Songs for 2020 Seniors

Graduation Songs for 2020 Seniors

For those Senior Graduating in 2020, please practice the Graduation Songs.


Click on the link below for each song that will be sung at graduation:

  1. Tom Thumb/Kids Come
  2. Cooperation &. School Rules
  3. Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands*** After this song, you will be advised to put on your child’s cap and gown***
  4. We Will Not Quit (We Will Never Give Up)
  5. Friends Forever
  6. This Little Light of Mine


April 10 Note to Overworked Parents

April 10 Note to Overworked Parents

Dear Parent,
Another ambitious idea from me. Again, you don’t need any pressure.
Hopefully, this suggestion can help your children stay connected to their classmates.

Have your child call one classmate each day, possibly using Facetime or Skype or a Video Conferencing Service for a more meaningful shared experience. Since there is no Show and Tell Time, this may be an excellent substitute to respond to an unscripted exchange of ideas.

Parents may help and guide children:

  • Encourage children to say hello to each other
  • Prompt children to tell each other their names
  • Ask children to talk about siblings or family.
  • Have the children talk about what they do for fun?

I am sure you may have some ideas and probably a better one for a discussion. Again, Absolutely No Pressure – please use as you see fit. Let us know if this goes well or not.
Our teachers are also working on some ways to connect with their classes. I will keep you informed.

Stay safe.

Nancy Brophy

April 6 Note to Tom Thumb Parents

April 6 Note to Tom Thumb Parents

Dear Parents.

It has come to my attention some of our families don’t have printers. Pronto Printers has made copies of our worksheets. Now, all children can participate without printers by picking up a packet at the Dynamic Gymnastics lobby door. The lobby is open 24 hours a day.

These packets include last week’s and current week’s worksheets stapled together. We made these worksheets to stimulate our students by tracing, matching, coloring, and thinking. They can proceed at their own pace with no pressure. Please use our home activities as you see fit.

I am planning a Spring Show and Graduation Program using the Internet. Zoom, a Video Conference Service, has been successfully used by schools to communicate with students and for distance learning. Since this is all new to our staff, we are working out the program and the technicalities. Any parents who can help us with an interactive online program with Zoom, please call me at (914) 282-6602.

Our Online Spring Show and Graduation Program will include the following songs:

  1. Tom Thumb & Kids Come
  2. Don’t Say Nothing Bad About My Vowels
  3. Remember Your Name & Address
  4. I Like Being Me
  5. School Rules
  6. Ode to Joy (maybe)
  7. Friends Forever (definitely)

Yes, Each graduating senior will receive their Tom Thumb Diploma and Tom Thumb Medal. To all graduating seniors, please practice the songs for this graduation. We will ensure the song lyrics and music are available on our website.

To all Tom Thumb Students, please sing the songs and do each worksheet activity in your home for fun for as many times you want and when you want. The purpose of our home activities is to play and have fun.

My important message to parents and students is Don’t Be Alone. Stay physically distanced by at least 6 feet, but socially connected. Always stay connected to the ones you love by phone calls, Facetime, Skype, video conferencing, emails, or texting. Say hello to grandma & grandpa, uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends, as often as you can!

Listen to the “Wash Your Hands song in Home Activity #2 as often as you want. I will get the lyrics of the song posted on our website soon. Please wash your hands as often as you can while singing.

Parents, you all deserve a standing ovation and medal for your efforts in getting through this unsettling and confusing time. Stay safe and socially connected.

I miss you all,

Mrs. Brophy

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